BiTCo - Biometric Transaction Confirmation

Modification Trojans can alter any web based transactions. BiTCo secures your transaction data, by using a specific and alternating mathematical procedure to concentrate the transaction data into a 4 digit code. This code is then secured with ComBiom, using Face-, Voice- and Word Recognition simultaneously.

Any modification, on the client side or on the web would alter the code and be immediately detected at the servers first analysis.

The dangerous «Man in the Middle»

There are a lot of dangers on the internet. The electronic data transfer becomes more and more fragile due to criminal activities such as phishing, pharming, skimming and modification Trojans (the so called «Man in the Middle»). Especially security for eBanking is increasingly endangered by the «Man in the Middle», who changes the receivers data and therefore bypasses payments to a bank account to which he has access. Programs like that usually place themselves unnoticed between the customer and the bank and are not detected until they have caused a huge financial damage.

BiTCo, higher security for both, user and provider of eBanking

Studies show that security ist he most important criteria for customers of eBanking. To fulfil this need, BIOMETRY developed the patent registered product BiTCo (Biometric Transaction Confirmation). It defends electronic data transfer on the internet from the «Man in the Middle».

The use of BiTCo is very simple. After logging in for eBanking (which happens via ComBiom*), the user gets access to his bank account and the money transfer form. The most important data he enters then are the invoice amount and the receivers IBAN. While entering the data, BiTCo calculates the checksum of these two rows of numbers. The newly generated, multi-digit number constitutes a check digit defining the content of the transaction. Before sending the data to the bank, the check digit appears again on the users desktop and gets authenticated via ComBiom. That means, the user speaks out every number and ComBiom verifies them with its four authentication processes. After the verification, the check digit is sent to the bank, right after the transaction. Then, the bank compares the transaction date with the check digit and detects immediately, if a Trojan has modified any data.

Unrivaled user friendliness

A main advantage of BiTCo is its unique user friendliness. It allows the user to enter several payments into the system, to collect them and to only verify them once at the end of all transactions. Besides that, on the customer side, the process is finished after sending the data to the bank. BiTCo therefore offers high comfort and simultaneously guarantees high security. This combination is so far unique in the marketplace.