Communication Biometrics

Multimodal, Simultaneous Biometric Authentication with Random Challenge Response (otp – one time password). A very strong Verification method for securing logical access (IT Access, direct, on VPN or Internet). Secure your data, even when working from a remote access. Long term proven biometric algorithms ensure "BioID" for your security.


High Security through checking different biometric modes simultaneously :

- Face Recognition
- Voice Recognition
- Word Recognition

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Biometry as part of our modern life

Biometrics are measurable forms of the living body or its behaviour, both of which are highly individual for every single person. Crime and terror have risen to an all-time high while password, PIN- code and Smart Card security continues to decline. In countless situations it is necessary to be absolutely sure a person is truly who he or she purports to be. Biometric Authentication increases security and simplifies this process. Governments of 189 countries have therefore decided to implement biometrics in their official travel documents. Mankind will rapidly learn to use and trust biometrics. Gradually biometric authentication will become a common part of our modern life.Biometric Authentication may be applied for various purposes:


Cyber Crime as a Main Source of Danger

Credit Cards and eBanking are increasingly endangered by criminal activities on the internet, such as Phishing, Pharming, Skimming and modification Trojans (the so called «Man in the Middle»). Originally, PIN and passwords were spied out and later electronic payments were duplicated and rerouted. The latest crime, the «Man in the Middle» is a high risk for eBanking customers, because it changes the receivers IBAN and bypasses the money to another bank account. Usually, neither the bank nor the customers notice the incident until a lot of money is lost.


ComBiom, the swiss patent remedy AG developed a unique biometric authentication process, containing four simultaneous authentication processes – the biometric face recognition, the biometric voice recognition, the recognition of the biometric lip movement and word recognition – requested through four randomly generated numbers. This process is called ComBiom (Communication Biometrics) and is a patent registered product for multimodal, simultaneous biometric authentication with Random Challenge Response.


ComBiom, Highest Security and Easy Handling

The use of ComBiom is simple. First, the user enrols in the system. Therefore, he simply speaks the numbers from 0,1,2… to 9 which appear on the interface, looking and speaking into the webcam. For every spoken number, a user-specific video and audio file is recorded. The software then calculates for every number a file (reference template, approx. 4KB), hosting the information for each of the 4 authentication modes. For later logical access to a computer, server or internet platform, the system asks the user to speak a randomly generated series of four numbers every time he logs in. The user speaks this numbers and gets recorded by the webcam. Again, the software calculates files, which are compared with the reference templates. If the biometric data matches the previously taught-in templates, ComBiom allows the user to enter.

Due to ComBiom, sensitive data is highly protected: For every requested word, there are three simultaneous authentication processes executed in the background, which accounts to a total of 12 processes. Furthermore, the randomly generated numbers (the so called Random Challenge Response or otp = one time password) contribute to an additional level of security. This function makes a replay attack impossible. Another benefit is that the user does not have to memorize any passwords or to bring anything like an access card. Following the principle of FreeHaM (Free Hands and Memory), the four authentication processes with random challenge response are the users personal key. Importantly, the only equipment required is a simple webcam with microphone, which today normally come standard with most laptops

Summing up, 3 main USPs should be highlighted:

1.    High Level of Security
2.    Simple Usage
3.    Low or no Hardware costs 


«All in One Software»

ComBiom is an «All in One Software». This means that the user is always free to decide whether he wants to use ComBiom as a package or just single parts of it. The main advantage is that he may omit or add the different biometrics any time he wants, depending on his individual security needs.